Monday, May 30, 2011

Hardest Decisions

4 days ago, I took yet another trip to the Emergency Room with Battboy. This is our 3rd in 6weeks, for basically the same problem. This is an issue that I have, for years, assumed someone, somewhere had the magical answer for. An issue that seems so small compared to so many things this little Hero has already been through in his 11 1/2 years on this earth. He has surpassed so much more than many EVER thought he would or could. How can there be an issue that we can't find a Doctor who had the magical answer, solution, cure. Well, because there is NO magical fix or answer and definitely no cure that will allow our life's to ever be what they were 4 days ago. Things...they are a changing.
Now let's start with the overall diagnosis of my Battboy. He has Cerebral Palsy, grade 4 brain bleeds on both sides of brain at his birth, which came 12 weeks early. He is a miracle to me and many others. He fought his way to STAY here. He has had At least 14 surgeries over his life for a range of things,. Well, we now have to consider some new ones. And all because of what seems like such a minor thing. That thing, my friends is, to put it bluntly...POOP. 
I have always known non-ambulatory people stayed constipated in most cases. This is because walking is a VERY important part of helping us move things through. But never ever did I realize, with all the things he has accomplished, pulled through, etc., that this one issue would bring about such a realization for me. Sometimes there are no easy fixes, only hard decisions. This issue, this nasty little word ~~>POOP<~~ 
9or lack there of) has become so intense for Battboy that he has breathing issues now (he has always had good lungs). The lower gut is FULL, which makes less room for lungs, and yes stomach to do all they should. So thanks to POOP, we now have Doctors talking to us about poking holes in places I never thought about having to do ANYTHING surgical to in Battboy's life. Talking about Tracheotomy, but I'm like "WHOA! We have never even had oxygen, our lungs are good!" *blink* WTH just happened? I was talking about constipation, checking diet...THESE type things. So out of the blue they are discussing with me a surgery I never thought Battboy would need, and would have never considered for him unless it was an emergency. Now the doctors WERE listening to me and are also coming up with a plan of treatment for this Pooping thing. They came in and were like offering a few options on helping the bowels move. Out of nowhere I hear mention of another procedure I was not familiar with, Mace is what they called it. This is the simplest explaination I could find,
We have a few more test to do, but it seems these are my options for Battboy at this time.
I have a HOST of emotions going now, so I will wait to write about the impact EITHER of these decisions on life for our family. They would be HUGE.
I will go to bed tonight, as I have for the last 4 nights, praying that some test (2 tomorrow), will make the options change. I ask for all my friends and those who have been touched by Battboy in so many ways to pray this same prayer with me tonight. If the options don't change. Pray for my strength to make the right decisions for this most precious little boy. Who has ALWAYS been perfect like God made him, in my eyes.


  1. Prayers coming your way and I hope u Dnt mind but I requested for my friends to pray for your Sweet batboy.

  2. I saw this link on Blip.FM - Best wishes to you and your baby...

  3. Absolutely appreciate any and ALL prayers. Thanks for thinking of us. Hope all is well with your family dear ;)