Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soaking up the Sunshine

We have had LOTS of bad weather this past week. It is great to have beautiful day to spend a little time in the sunshine with Battboy. Fresh after a day school ;-)

Super NooDy Movie Trailor

A family I am touched by and the trailor is TOO cute... how could I NOT post this?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Marc Broussard at The Bijou

On Tuesday March 8th I had the pleasure of attending the Marc Broussard concert at the Bijou Theatre in Downtown Knoxville. This was my first show of not only Marc's, but also at the Bijou, so had to have pre-show dinner at the Bistro At the Bijou. Dinner was excellent! Might I say there was an added bonus to choosing The Bistro, he picked up dinner there too! Marc was kind enough to pose for a picture after ordering his dinner, and my night was off to an excellent start!
So with belly nourished and spirits high off to the Bijou I go. I admire the gorgeous facilty on my way in, as I had heard how lovely it was, but had never seen myself. I stopped by the bar, and then I had to check out the merchandise table. There, to my delight I see advanced copies of Marc's new EP or CD, all I know is I am excited for new music! I grab a copy and climb to the balcony, still admiring the theater.
The opening act was Sonia Leigh, who'd I had also never seen, but I enjoyed her set. At this point I had met & gotten picture with Marc, snagged new music from him. The Spice Girls could've have opened and I would still have enjoyed. One last trip to the bar before Marc takes the stage, and then I had 1 1/2 hours of complete music bliss. Marc was a pleasure to hear & to watch. He is extremely funny on stage and keeps the crowd into the entire show.
So was might night out in the rain with a bummed out shoulder worth it...INDEED!

Always on Mondays ~a typical rant

I am a single, stay at home parent so I generally try to avoid major household chores on the weekends. I'd rather have that quality time with my kids, or enjoy ME time if they go to their dad's or Nana & Papaw's for a bit. So this usually leads to busy Monday mornings, consisting mainly of kitchen cleaning and laundry.
Three weeks ago, my dryer quit getting hot. I figure, "no biggie, my handy brother can change a heating element or something" Well, that turned out not to be the case. Dryer down! Handy Brother mentions, his old working dryer is in my shed, he'll just swap them out, I think GREAT! My dear brother, who I used to fight with relentlessly growing up, moves not one, but 2 dryers, one in, one out, for me. Only to find out his dryer is TOO wide for my laundry room set-up. So the dryer is literally is sitting half in my master bathroom rather than in it's nook. No big deal, I can work with this until I get a new dryer that fits. Kids got to have clean clothes, right?
Today, a Monday no doubt, I head to master bath/ laundry facility. I side step the dryer in the middle of the room, slide to the washer to get my day started. I load the washer , pour in detergent, etc. I turn to clear the drying rack, fluff the things in need, typical laundry duties. Suddenly I realize the washer is kind of quiet, sounding different. The spinner in the middle is NOT doing anything.
So not only do I have broken dryer, now have broken washer and a load of dripping wet clothes.
I welcome the rest of the week.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Helping East TN Children's Hospital

Let me start by Saying I am Jennifer Batts, some know me as BattLady. Many of you have heard me speak of "Battboy". A little history on him, is he was 12 weeks premature. There have been MANY medical hurdles since that warm September day 11 years ago. Battboy has Cerebral Palsy. This leads to many other conditions, but short version is he is non-ambulatory, tube fed & totally dependent. This requires alot of medical supplies that are delivered to my front door without worry EVERY month by East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

East Tennessee Children's Hospital (ETCH) is a private, independent, not-for-profit pediatric medical center that has served East Tennessee since 1937. A Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Center in TN. They also provide the home health I spoke of before. Not to mention the DOZENS of stays Battboy has had in their excellent hospital.

Locally our top 40 radio station Star 102.1 (@star102 on twitter) does a radiothon that ALL proceeds & profits are given to ETCH and benefits not only E. TN but many kids in counties into south KY, as well. So I am using my twitter and my Blip.fm stream to try and help drum up donations for THIS cause.

Anyone who donates has their name read on the radio, so if you wish to remain anonymous feel free to donate for "Battboy" and ask to NOT have name read on the radio. Any donation or pledge is GREATLY appreciated. This is the 10th year this Radiothon has benefited ETCH. NO DONATION or pledge is TOO SMALL!

Battboy just got over being sick and having a 2 day stay in ETCH, so I feel a pressing calling to help support this cause. And appreciate any support, even just to get the message out there. Thanks music lovers ;)
(865)656-5437 (KIDS)
Today & tomorrow until 6pm EST


Once upon a time I was selfish, thought the world revolved around me..

Then I was blessed with the most precious angel, that I had ever seen.

As with any other parent, I beamed with pride and joy

As slowly the doctors began to list the things that were wrong with my boy.

With every tear that streamed down my face, I said a little prayer.

And for every milestone they said he would not reach, I was always there.

His legs are not as strong as ours, but they work just fine for him.

And he needs help to do most things, but asks with the sweetest grin.

And if you could hear him laugh, or try his hardest to say "Mom"

You would have no doubt from where this angel comes.

Sometimes the ones who seem in need, can be a reminder to us all,

That sometimes its not them, who needed most of all.

Sometimes even broken angels shine in all God's grace

And I hope my Lil Angel brought a smile to your face!

Written by: Jennifer Faith Batts 2005

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trying Something New

I have read countless blogs over the years, from funny to sad, inspiring to ranting, purposeful to ...well not so purposeful, as most of us have at some point. I love to write, some might even suggest, at times I may even be witty, you can be your own judge. I approach this first REAL attempt cautiously because recently I have decided the purpose of exposing myself to the blogging world, basically. Mommy Blogging! Thousands of moms do this, why me too? Well, as a stay at home domestic diva, I like many of you have SOME spare time on my hands, although it is sporadic, sometimes minutes, sometimes at 3:00AM, sometimes very little, sometimes a little more. I, too like to find humor or inspiration through.my routine daily life. I haven't often met a stranger I wouldn't say hello to, much less strike up a conversation with.. I have 2 beautiful children I get the blessing of taking care of everyday, some more blessed than others. So you get my drift. Why me? Why now jump into this mommy blogging thing?

Since I am labeling this mommy blogging let me start by telling you about my 2 children, who we will refer to as Battboy and Battgirl. Battgirl is the adorable age of 10, so you can imagine the stories and rants that may come about her. I mention her first because she is my little helper. Her willing spirit brightens my heart each & everyday. Battgirl can be a little strong willed. She is, honestly just like me. She also loves to craft, any craft and rarely cleans up her messes from said crafting. She loves animals, so we have 2 cats, Battcat & Battkitty, 1 puppy dog, Battpuppy. These are her heart & my headache.

Now let me get to Battboy, the reason I have been inspired to blog, for the most part. A delightful 11 year old boy who has seemed to touch so many people over the years. He is the first child I brought into this world, and let me tell you it was quite a ride. Battboy has Cerebral Palsy from a 12 week premature birth. He spent 3 months in the NICU before coming home to our little family. Within 6 weeks he was back in the hospital, and this was our cycle for years to come for a list a reasons that will all come up in this blog eventually. He is G-tube fed and non ambulatory, so is dependent on 24 care. He is truly my little miracle.

Through those many years of hospital, doctor, & therapy trips I met many other parents who had special needs children. Not to mention some of the caregivers, teachers. therapists and so forth who helped me get through difficult times along the way. Not just with caring for Battboy, but balancing giving Battgirl a somewhat normal life that doesn't revolve around Battboy and his needs. It is to these inspirational people that I have been inspired to mommy blog not only about my joys and difficulties of parenting in general. Parenting not only the special needs child, but the balance of that in our family with my other child, as well. Then don't forget the Battpets, they have needs and adventures to be blogged about too!

So there is your introduction the the Double Mama Drama! It is what is, and if my drama can help any one else along the way, then just learning this blogging thing will have been worth it.