Monday, March 28, 2011

Always on Mondays ~a typical rant

I am a single, stay at home parent so I generally try to avoid major household chores on the weekends. I'd rather have that quality time with my kids, or enjoy ME time if they go to their dad's or Nana & Papaw's for a bit. So this usually leads to busy Monday mornings, consisting mainly of kitchen cleaning and laundry.
Three weeks ago, my dryer quit getting hot. I figure, "no biggie, my handy brother can change a heating element or something" Well, that turned out not to be the case. Dryer down! Handy Brother mentions, his old working dryer is in my shed, he'll just swap them out, I think GREAT! My dear brother, who I used to fight with relentlessly growing up, moves not one, but 2 dryers, one in, one out, for me. Only to find out his dryer is TOO wide for my laundry room set-up. So the dryer is literally is sitting half in my master bathroom rather than in it's nook. No big deal, I can work with this until I get a new dryer that fits. Kids got to have clean clothes, right?
Today, a Monday no doubt, I head to master bath/ laundry facility. I side step the dryer in the middle of the room, slide to the washer to get my day started. I load the washer , pour in detergent, etc. I turn to clear the drying rack, fluff the things in need, typical laundry duties. Suddenly I realize the washer is kind of quiet, sounding different. The spinner in the middle is NOT doing anything.
So not only do I have broken dryer, now have broken washer and a load of dripping wet clothes.
I welcome the rest of the week.

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