Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trying Something New

I have read countless blogs over the years, from funny to sad, inspiring to ranting, purposeful to ...well not so purposeful, as most of us have at some point. I love to write, some might even suggest, at times I may even be witty, you can be your own judge. I approach this first REAL attempt cautiously because recently I have decided the purpose of exposing myself to the blogging world, basically. Mommy Blogging! Thousands of moms do this, why me too? Well, as a stay at home domestic diva, I like many of you have SOME spare time on my hands, although it is sporadic, sometimes minutes, sometimes at 3:00AM, sometimes very little, sometimes a little more. I, too like to find humor or inspiration routine daily life. I haven't often met a stranger I wouldn't say hello to, much less strike up a conversation with.. I have 2 beautiful children I get the blessing of taking care of everyday, some more blessed than others. So you get my drift. Why me? Why now jump into this mommy blogging thing?

Since I am labeling this mommy blogging let me start by telling you about my 2 children, who we will refer to as Battboy and Battgirl. Battgirl is the adorable age of 10, so you can imagine the stories and rants that may come about her. I mention her first because she is my little helper. Her willing spirit brightens my heart each & everyday. Battgirl can be a little strong willed. She is, honestly just like me. She also loves to craft, any craft and rarely cleans up her messes from said crafting. She loves animals, so we have 2 cats, Battcat & Battkitty, 1 puppy dog, Battpuppy. These are her heart & my headache.

Now let me get to Battboy, the reason I have been inspired to blog, for the most part. A delightful 11 year old boy who has seemed to touch so many people over the years. He is the first child I brought into this world, and let me tell you it was quite a ride. Battboy has Cerebral Palsy from a 12 week premature birth. He spent 3 months in the NICU before coming home to our little family. Within 6 weeks he was back in the hospital, and this was our cycle for years to come for a list a reasons that will all come up in this blog eventually. He is G-tube fed and non ambulatory, so is dependent on 24 care. He is truly my little miracle.

Through those many years of hospital, doctor, & therapy trips I met many other parents who had special needs children. Not to mention some of the caregivers, teachers. therapists and so forth who helped me get through difficult times along the way. Not just with caring for Battboy, but balancing giving Battgirl a somewhat normal life that doesn't revolve around Battboy and his needs. It is to these inspirational people that I have been inspired to mommy blog not only about my joys and difficulties of parenting in general. Parenting not only the special needs child, but the balance of that in our family with my other child, as well. Then don't forget the Battpets, they have needs and adventures to be blogged about too!

So there is your introduction the the Double Mama Drama! It is what is, and if my drama can help any one else along the way, then just learning this blogging thing will have been worth it.

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