Thursday, March 24, 2011


Once upon a time I was selfish, thought the world revolved around me..

Then I was blessed with the most precious angel, that I had ever seen.

As with any other parent, I beamed with pride and joy

As slowly the doctors began to list the things that were wrong with my boy.

With every tear that streamed down my face, I said a little prayer.

And for every milestone they said he would not reach, I was always there.

His legs are not as strong as ours, but they work just fine for him.

And he needs help to do most things, but asks with the sweetest grin.

And if you could hear him laugh, or try his hardest to say "Mom"

You would have no doubt from where this angel comes.

Sometimes the ones who seem in need, can be a reminder to us all,

That sometimes its not them, who needed most of all.

Sometimes even broken angels shine in all God's grace

And I hope my Lil Angel brought a smile to your face!

Written by: Jennifer Faith Batts 2005

1 comment:

  1. I love this! It did give me a smile :)
    (BTW I didn't know your first name - FB suggested I add you as a friend a while back! Didn't realize it was you)