Thursday, March 24, 2011

Helping East TN Children's Hospital

Let me start by Saying I am Jennifer Batts, some know me as BattLady. Many of you have heard me speak of "Battboy". A little history on him, is he was 12 weeks premature. There have been MANY medical hurdles since that warm September day 11 years ago. Battboy has Cerebral Palsy. This leads to many other conditions, but short version is he is non-ambulatory, tube fed & totally dependent. This requires alot of medical supplies that are delivered to my front door without worry EVERY month by East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

East Tennessee Children's Hospital (ETCH) is a private, independent, not-for-profit pediatric medical center that has served East Tennessee since 1937. A Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Center in TN. They also provide the home health I spoke of before. Not to mention the DOZENS of stays Battboy has had in their excellent hospital.

Locally our top 40 radio station Star 102.1 (@star102 on twitter) does a radiothon that ALL proceeds & profits are given to ETCH and benefits not only E. TN but many kids in counties into south KY, as well. So I am using my twitter and my stream to try and help drum up donations for THIS cause.

Anyone who donates has their name read on the radio, so if you wish to remain anonymous feel free to donate for "Battboy" and ask to NOT have name read on the radio. Any donation or pledge is GREATLY appreciated. This is the 10th year this Radiothon has benefited ETCH. NO DONATION or pledge is TOO SMALL!

Battboy just got over being sick and having a 2 day stay in ETCH, so I feel a pressing calling to help support this cause. And appreciate any support, even just to get the message out there. Thanks music lovers ;)
(865)656-5437 (KIDS)
Today & tomorrow until 6pm EST

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  1. Love Your Blog!! And Your Efforts, and ETCH. Will call donation in as soon as back from My Dr's app. Big Hugs 4U♥ (Dancer12 blip Dancer30815 twitter)