Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BUSY I've Been, time to update

Battboy never had to go to Vandy. We were taken VERY good care of by ETCH and in the end, everyone understood my families AND Battboy's needs had to co-exist. So after ALOT of testing and trial and error, we came home on a new formula and as I so Inelegantly put it...NO NEW HOLES!
That being said, he is definitely keeping me busier. We came home with like 5 new medicines, on top of the 6 he went in taking. Some can't be taken with this or that, so I literally have to have DAILY schedule to keep it straight! Hence the LONG awaited update.
Plus it is summer break here, and Battboy & Battgirl both love the pool. Leaves VERY little Mommy time. Or at least it is sporadic!
I have been keeping cool inside when I can playing My Sims 2 & 3. Another LOVE of mine. I will also be starting another blog for my Sims stuff. Stories/movies CC Creators linked, etc. That is, when I get time LOL
Thanks to EVERYONE for the support through an emotional and stressful situation. And as I said in the earlier blog Hardest Decisions ...because there is NO magical fix or answer and definitely no cure that will allow our life's to ever be what they were ...
BUSY BUSY BUSY , for sure...