Sunday, June 5, 2011

Help me Hold on!

9 days in...OK, It seems with GI issues for Battboy, that I am caught in the middle. I want a second opinion. This doesn't seem so illogical when it is your child. Just another specialist to look at Battboy & give their evaluation. But for us it is a HUGE deal. 6 yrs ago, I was in a similar predicament & chose the second opinion. This led to why Battboy has been without GI doc for 6+ yrs... They have egos. I understand the concept, but when those egos have direct effects on your child, things look different. I just want to make the most educated decisions when it concerns Battboy, butt I am stuck in the middle. If I ask for second opinion, & don't like it, then the group following us now won't treat us. I could be jumping the gun on this observation, but I base it on past experiences.
I am going to call social work in tomorrow & discuss my concerns with them. They have the power to get all docs on the same page, or AT LEAST talking. I have no idea where to go from here, but I am NOT considering poking more holes in my child, until other options have been exhausted.  It seems sometimes that it is TOO much for a parent to ask.
I have always LOVED the hospital I have Battboy at, but if egos become a hurdle in getting treatment (desperately needed treatment) for my child, then I have to not only consider other options, I must DEMAND them.
This angel deserves SO much more than what he has been receiving here on his past few trips.
If you can't OR won't treat my child, tell me. Then I can move on. Don't leave me sitting here thinking you have SOME answers if you really don't, because that is MORE painful. More painful than some of these docs will ever realize.

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