Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Rant, Some Will Like, Some Will Not

Truth, is, I rarely get into political, or really anything debatable, on my blog. I feel now is a time I must speak my opinion in more than 140 characters or less, so here I go....

Tomorrow has been promoted as support Chick-Fil-A day, as they have been bashed as NOT supporting same sex marriage. Now, I am not one to judge ANYONE's life choices, I consider myself a God fearing woman, but by NO means an "Upstanding Christian" role model. What I DO support is freedom of speech, & free enterprise. Chick-Fil-A has EVERY right to be in business & support whatever causes, they, as a company, see fit.
Also in the snowstorm of all this negative publicity there is so much GOOD that Chick-Fil-A supports & encourages that are being swept under the rug. I find it AWESOME that in this day and age of business that they stick to their beliefs so strongly as to still be closed on Sundays, & yes I have driven through the parking lot on a Sunday with the sad face from forgetfulness myself, several times. Yet, I still find it refreshing that they they honor that belief of rest on Sundays as a Company. Have you ever been to Italy during afternoon Siesta? I mean that is not a religious thing, but yet it is refreshing for someone in this day & age to honor rest, not the hustle bustle of the almighty dollar, or lira for that matter.
Also Chick-Fil-A supports WinShape Foundations & camps. This is not an act that should be negated & bashed as their Christian beliefs, or far right fundamental support. It does good for many youths & families who need that help & support. And as I recall from the Good Samaritan story from the bible, we are to help those in need regardless of difference of race, religion or other differences, including sexual preference!
Don't get me wrong, I live & base my life loosely on the Christian beliefs. I am FAR from perfect, & I also have NO interest in judging other's choices for themselves. No matter what lies on the other side of this life, or what your belief is, surely we can admit as humans we are flawed in MANY aspects, most of all judging what is good/bad/ok/not ok etc. No matter what you have as a higher power, that higher power will judge us all, not us!
As a free country, Chick-Fil-A has the right to support whatever causes or issues they wish, you as a paying customer have the right to buy their product or not. But in NO way can I justify City Governments denying ANY business in this economy, the right to conduct LEGAL business! I mean the community has the right to buy their product or not, but how can government deny them permits, etc & the right to conduct LEGAL business?
So you can choose whether or not you want a chicken sandwich tomorrow, but buying one is NOT saying you support Anti Gay Marriage causes. Buying products from Chick-Fil-A, in MY idiotic opinion is about supporting the right for businesses to believe whatever they want, as long as they treat ALL customers with dignity & respect.

No I am down off my soap box, let the bashing begin LOL

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