Thursday, June 21, 2012

With Possiblities Come Risks

You know anytime you open yourself up in anyway you are taking a chance on HUGE possibilities, but also the risk of failure. This is just like some law of nature I am sure some scientist has coined a term for, like the action/ reaction mumbo jumbo. Whether it is creative writing, song writing, blogging, friends & family conversations, dancing...when you open up you have taken a risk that who you open up to, what you open about will be accepted, respected, debated, criticized, but most ultimately HEARD.

Everyone really just wants to be heard. 

Have their feelings, believes, opinions acknowledged. The voice we use to communicate these things is different for most of us, some write, some dance, some talk, some pray, some yell, some create visual art and the forms of expression can just go and on!
When you have opened up in whatever way you have chosen and things are not as accepted, respected, grand as you had hoped, staying positive can be a little tricky. If you are a returning to this blog it is NO secret this has been emotional week for me. If you know me at all, you also know I will make it to the weekend just fine and be back to my positive, whole hearted faith in Humanity & love of man self. Sometimes you just have to take that kick to the floor to the 9 count to get back up stronger than before.

And I had planned to have this post be ALL about keeping my chin up and trucking on. As I began to write this, the words flowed like butter. I have already told you I do not argue with the higher powers, I let them for some reason I have chosen THIS blog as my voice & THIS needed to be HEARD!

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