Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A New Chapter

Summer has arrived! The kids are home, the sun is out & things feel great! But, in all actuality they are not. Although the days are filled with happy memories & the giggles of little ones (ALL which I appreciate), there is still something missing for me. I have spent the last few weeks, months even (before school got out) trying to fill this void with anything that sounded remotely interesting or possible. But the truth is, I have yet to find the filler! Mostly, because I am unaware of what I am lacking in my life at this point and time. From the outside, all seems pretty great at the battcave, but inside something feels very empty. And worse, I often feel like I am grasping at straws to find the answer.
I am a persistent little chick, & will find what it is that is missing. I will not dwell on it, as I have plenty to keep me busy. This is kinda like my saying it ALOUD to the universe, not as a whisper behind my bedroom walls to a God (if you believe in him) who has WAY bigger problems to deal with, IMO. So soon an answer will come, not a distraction. I am sure of this!

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