Thursday, June 14, 2012

Always an Up With a Down

Sometimes you ask the universe for an answer or sign, and sometimes you get it. Sometimes you get the answer or sign you hoped you would not. Well, no surprise, I got the latter today. After a long, LONG night & WAY too early morning I received, like a slap in the face, the answer to something I have been pondering for months now.  It has been tapping me on the shoulder for a few weeks, but evidently, you must slap me in the face for me to get a subtle hint (I know this is NO shocker to those who know me well)! This is not a bad thing, it was the answer I needed to make my move toward further goals! I was not quite so positive earlier today, but I have no interest in arguing with high usually does NOT work to my advantage when I do!
Next, I promise you the very next moment, I also got another surprise, a VERY welcome one. So within a matter of moments I had a HUGE low and very needed high. Neither are life changing, but both are changes on my way TO life changing, so I embrace the good & the bad. Most importantly, I have answers! I do better when the higher powers steer & I just ride along, this I have learned.
And my tip for the day...NEVER let anger get in the way of friendships, you get more blessings if you just DON'T do it!!

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